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Canada Computing has a team of highly qualified solution architects, engineers and technical support staff that bring years of experience to enable organizations from all industries to solve their most complex technology barriers and challenges.

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We offer tailored IT Business Solutions for Accounting practices of all sizes, whether you are a small office of one or a multi-site operation.


Not only does technology allow construction companies to streamline their process, but it allows delivery of high quality projects digitally. These can be accessed securely anywhere, from a truck on their phone or directly on site with a tablet or laptop.

Contact Centre

Providing exceptional customer service and interactions for your customers is key. Whether you run a inbound, outbound or a blended configuration for your product, service or campaign. We have the experience and expertise to support you.


In today's educational sectors, students are very knowledgeable with current technologies. Campuses are offering technology options that facilitate learning that is not confined to the institution's local environment.


The role of technology and medical devices in healthcare has transformed the way patient care is administered. Canada Computing understands the Healthcare industry, covering Clinics, Labs and Hospitals – We have the experience and expertise to support you.


Running a café, restaurant or hotel? Canada Computing understands that the guest experience needs to be top notch and high priority for business owners to be successful. Let us help you to be current, effective, and productive in your business operations.


As many engineering firms provide expertise and advice to client by request. Technology is the major driver behind many of these tasks. Ranging from powerful computer rendering hardware to project and collaboration based software.

Finance & Insurance

As the Finance and Insurance sector of industry runs on the rails of Technology, one must pay close attention to detail when it comes to transacting and protecting personal information.


The legal services industry relies heavily on technology for document management, retention and collaboration. We've worked with many law firms to consult on how to operate efficiently and securely.


As the manufacturing industry strives to increase productivity and introduce new workflow to process and automation, having a reliable network and IT system in place is an absolute necessity.


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Private Business

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