We worked with manufacturers such as Panduit, Honeywell, Leviton, and AMP to provide network infrastructure including rack cabinets, network cables, patch panels, network jacks, and connectors to various industries including call centers, clinics, pharmacies, and hotels.

Network Appliances

We work with SonicWALL and Fortinet firewalls to prevent unauthorized network access, as well as create VPN solutions to provide site-to-site for private encrypted communications between sites. We also work with a variety of other firewalls, routers and switches providers to deliver any network needs.


Whether you need a small network for your office computers or a full guest network with multiple access points, we have the hardware and expertise to make your system work. We install wireless networks and optimize signal strength to provide seamless Wi-Fi in your workplace.

You might be interested in our Voice Over IP (VOIP) communications solutions and spam filtering hardware depending on your business needs.

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