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Canada Computing Intelli-Assist Support is the single point of contact for all IT-related support issues. Our responsive, competent, approachable team provide personalized support tailored for your IT needs across all devices. Our service offering includes 24/7/365 technical support, password identity resets, access management, third-party vendor engagement (printers, toner, faxes, etc.) and remote desktop assistance. It also offers request fulfillment, call/ticket routing and effective transfers to higher levels of support.

We deliver traditional support desk capabilities with well-defined processes that enable us to log, track and resolve end-user issues quickly.

Let Canada Computing – Intelli-Assist Level 1 Support augment your current support system or be your complete single point of contact:

Many corporate offices and existing service teams are often overwhelmed with the volume of responsibilities on their plate: continuous rollouts, keeping up with end-user requests which can degrade response times from one day to several days or even a week. Let Canada Computing shorten problem resolution times and focus on what matters most, such as strategically eliminating problem stop-gaps and returning your line of business back to optimal performance with minimal outstanding problems or inefficiencies.

Canada Computing – Intelli-Assist Support will be adaptable, flexible and scale to your needs. We can operate in various environments, as follows but not limited to:

English Level 1 support services including:

  • Answering incoming requests from end users
  • Classifying incidents and providing initial support
  • Detecting and identifying incident
  • Providing investigation and diagnosis
  • Providing resolution and recovery
  • Closing Support Tickets
  • Vendor Management and engagement (third-party software support, printing, toner re-fills, faxes, telephone and Internet Service Provider Support)
  • Concierge Services – Eliminate being on the phone when dealing with third-party vendor issues
  • Providing, integrating and maintaining a knowledgebase and documentation
  • Providing a self-service centre and self-service portal
  • Providing periodic reporting on requests and issue tracking
  • Meeting all key satisfactory performance indicators and service level agreements that apply

Optional Services including:

  • Level 1 support services in French
  • Physical Onsite Support
  • Customization Services
  • Server Administration
  • Server upgrades
  • Internet Security
  • Spam Filtering and Message hygiene
  • Disaster Recovery & Backups
  • Telephony & Voice over IP
  • Productivity Tools
  • Request to source specific Line of Business Applications
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Migration and IT renewal projects
  • Net-new technology projects and setups
  • Computer upgrades
  • Level 2 or 3 Support services
  • End user/key operator Training (Application based & Hardware based)
  • Specific application services or other IT related projects

Customers have various requirements. Canada Computing will agree with you upon the most suitable operation details when executing the agreement. In addition to support hours we will also identify end-point and hardware/software related to the specific Line of Business:

  • Desktops/Workstations
  • Mobile Devices
  • Digital display systems
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Enterprise applications
  • Cloud productivity applications and suites
  • Laptop
  • Network
  • Telephony Systems
  • Internet lines
  • Printers
  • Faxes
  • Servers
  • Smartphone and Tablets

Customers may also require Support services on different IT environments such as Windows, Mac OS, ERP, and SAP. Customer environments always evolve over time due to the fast growing IT industry and requirements from the Line of Business.

We’re ready whenever you are.

Take Your Business to another level with Canada Computing