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Canada Computing is an IT service provider headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We provide services to customers in more than ten different sectors including the hospitality, legal, and medical sectors.

Relationships are our number one priority, so we ensure we’re always available to solve any problems our clients encounter. We respond to critical issues within one hour, even on weekends. We also foster relationships in the community by donating our time to churches, mosques, community centres, and refugee organizations.

Technology can be challenging to use and maintain, but working with an IT service provider should not. Our technicians are friendly, professional, and they speak in a language you can understand. We also go out of our way to make sure our clients are satisfied. Our retention rate is extremely high — we have yet to lose a client since our institution in 2011.

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We’ve worked extensively with clinics of various sizes to set up Accuro and Manitoba eHealth connections to enable eChart access in addition to our full range of workstation, network, and cloud services. We also maintain clinic databases and can upgrade the database license when it approaches capacity.


Our team has extensive experience in pharmacy IT environments, and can handle all technical aspects of running your pharmacy. We are capable of installing, configuring, and maintaining Kroll, as well as client DPIN connections. We’re also available on short notice to help with printer and fax issues.

We understand your urgent needs for toners and printer supplies, so we keep them in stock for you and can provide fast service.


We’re familiar with PC Law and other software frequently used in legal environments, as well as print systems such as Equitrac and Nuance PaperCut. 


We have experience maintaining MSI NiteVision and other property management software, as well as call accounting software. We can also install guest Wi-Fi networks to make sure your guests are reliably and securely connected. 


Canada Computing worked on significant migration and refresh projects for large enterprises. We were part of the migration team for the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) as well as Cambrian and Assiniboine credit unions. We also worked with Bank of Montreal branches to upgrade their CRUs to include a full Windows workstation.

We worked on those projects in collaboration with several national stakeholders to ensure we were successful. These included the RBC national office, the IBM support team, the Dell support team, NCR, and Everlink for payment solutions.

PCs migrated and refreshed: >1000
ATMs migrated/serviced: >50

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