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Whether you need productivity software and email services or a multi-user network with industry-specific software, we have the expertise to keep your business running smoothly. We set up, maintain, and upgrade a full range of software, hardware, and cloud-based products. Click on the sections below for more information on specific services.


Workstations are the foundation of client and server networked communications for any business. Canada Computing understands your business relies on technology in order to keep it running. Whether your business operates on 5 or 10,000 workstations; count on Canada Computing to handle every aspect of the technology’s lifecycle from start to finish.

Workstation Solutions

Troubleshooting and Optimization

Productivity Tools

Security Solutions

Refresh, Upgrade & Migrations


Network Solutions

Canada Computing covers all aspects of the network layer, including planning, solution design, installation, and configuration making sure to deliver a high quality communications regardless of your network size.  We can remotely monitor and manage all aspects of your network infrastructure stack. 

Network Solutions

Network Infrastructure

Internet Security

Telephony & Voice Over IP

Cloud Platform 

A cloud service is any service made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider.  These servers are housed in third-party data centres opposed to being implemented on-premise with capital expenditure required to stand-up and maintain those technologies. 

Cloud Platform

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Azure

Migrations (P2C/C2P)

Cloud Replications and Backup

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