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Cloud Replication and Backup

Canada Computing offers various Cloud replication and backup solutions. With an increasing number of businesses moving to the cloud, having a reliable and granular backup is a key part in protecting your data.

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We use leading technology to ensure you are getting the best backup solution for your dollar and expectation.  We offer many different type of backup options in the cloud.  Whether you are hosting virtual machines (VMs) or want an extra layer of retention for Microsoft 365, Canada Computing will supply you with a solution that can sustain current and future growth. 

Microsoft 365 Data

Protect your Microsoft 365 environment including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.

  • Remove the worry of accidental deletion.
  • Extend retention policies to fit your needs.
  • Restore items and files quickly.
  • Meet legal and compliance requirements.
  • Backup policies to fit your needs in. Whether you want to backup weekly, daily, or every 2 minutes.

Cloud Continuity

Cloud Continuity is an appliance free backup solution that allows us to create image level and or file level backups of your Windows computer directly to the cloud. This ensures complete protection from any kind of data loss including ransomware, accidental deletion, or stolen devices.

Use your PC comfortably knowing that there will always be a backup of your data in the cloud. This solution is perfect if you travel and or use a laptop for your Business. It is very cost-effective and a wonderful alternative to having a physical appliance.

Virtual Machine Backups

Virtualization has become increasingly popular over the years with many companies looking at Azure as their first choice to get into a cloud hosted environment. These are great and reputable options; however, they lack in the ability to easily restore and backup these virtual machines in case of failure.

With our strategic partnerships, we offer a simple straight forward and cost-effective solution to provide your virtual machines with image level and file level restores in the cloud. This includes easily customizable retention policies, snapshots, and extensive logging capabilities.

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Cloud Replications and Backup

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