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Microsoft Azure

Power your business with Microsoft Azure services. Be able to build, deploy and manage applications and servers in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid configurations.

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Get more out of your existing Microsoft licenses by enabling a hybrid configuration on-premise and in the cloud for performance, scalability, remote access or collaboration.

Microsoft Azure is a massive global compute and storage system that can accommodate all of your business needs. With flexible pay-as-you-go plans, monthly, and annual agreements you will find something that matches your IT budget.

Microsoft Azure Benefits:

  • High performance compute for less initial capital expenditure compared to on-premise
  • Cost effective
  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Backup
  • Storage
  • Analytics
  • Content Delivery

Canada Computing has extensive experience in migrating servers and applications from on-premise to the cloud.  We can help provide availability, scalability and protect your business-critical applications and servers with managed cloud backups.   The best way to determine if the cloud is a fit for you is to contact us today. 


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