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The legal services industry relies heavily on technology for document management, retention and collaboration. Canada Computing has worked with many law firms where we provide advice and support on what you need to operate efficiently and keep your practice secure.

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On premise and hosted technologies that Canada Computing has available for Law firms:

  • Level-1 support help desk/service desk for staff and remote workers
  • Secure Email
  • Cloud productivity software
  • Private, Public and Hybrid cloud solutions to ensure you own the data and it is stored securely
  • Anytime, anywhere access to secure data
  • Ability to share secure documents with co-workers and clients
  • Security – external, perimeter, and internal
  • Budgeting, invoicing, managing payroll
  • Document management
  • Mobile working, online meetings
  • Ensuring your technology stack meets any legal/reporting requirements – new and old

Solutions to consider for your Law Firm:

Microsoft Teams

With Teams your staff can always stay connected wherever they are.


Store your files and important client financial information in a centralized and compliant cloud infrastructure.

Backup & Recovery

Backup important client information locally and in the cloud for ability to restore back.


Protect your work stations from viruses and harmful attacks to ensure everything stays up and running.


Monitor hardware to ensure computers are running at ideal working conditions and receive alerts before issues occur.

Network Setup

Upgrade your network and offer a secure WIFI for staff for business activities.

Computer Upgrade

We can upgrade and replace your computers for little to no overhead cost on hardware sales.


Upgrade to Internet Faxing to ensure you can send and receive faxes at all times without any interruption.

Canada Computing has installed, configured, and managed various environments, as follows but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Office 365 services utilizing Microsoft Exchange Email
  • Mobile Device Management utilizing Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Teams for collaboration and meetings
  • Secure file storage with Microsoft SharePoint
  • Fortinet security products to secure external, perimeter, and internal assets and documents
We’re ready whenever you are.

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