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Our team provide quick support remotely and on-site for all your Microsoft 365 technical support requests.

Canada Computing was an early participant in helping clients in Winnipeg and across Canada with Microsoft 365 migration and support previously known as Office 365. We are your go to Winnipeg local specialist when it comes to Microsoft 365. To take this experience further, we helped our staff to become Microsoft certified in Microsoft 365 to better handle our customers’ technical needs directly reducing waiting time.

We have helped several customers making the switch from problematic and segregated email services to Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 made perfect sense for customers who are not sure about deciding between on premise vs cloud for their email services as well as those with aging Microsoft Exchange server.

Over the past ten years we have helped customers troubleshoot and manage their Microsoft 365 subscription. Several areas where customer required help are:
– migrating emails from old email services such to Microsoft 365
– setup hybrid connectors for mail coexistence on-premise and cloud
– fixing calendar sharing issues between staff
– implementing policies when employees leave
– moving emails from one employee to another one
– archiving emails before terminating employee’s account
– granting access to a shared mailbox for example: providing receptionist a read access to manager’s mailbox for management purposes
– troubleshoot connectivity issues with Microsoft 365, for example issues arising from domain DNS settings
– assisting with outlook setup for your Microsoft 365 subscription
– providing extra layer of security by using third party spam filter services such as barracuda essentials for email security
– providing safety net by backing up emails from Microsoft 365 in cases of failure with Microsoft servers or accidental deletion by staff

Questions and answers:
Q: How fast can I setup Microsoft 365 for my organization?
A: Microsoft 365 is very easy to setup and can take almost no time to start the process if it is brand new organization. It can take a little more time if there is an existing email server in place.

Q: How much does it cost to setup Microsoft 365?
A: There are three types of costs associated with Microsoft 365:
1) setup cost which depends on the size of your organization.
2) Microsoft 365 service cost, service cost overview can be found here for small business and here for enterprise.
3) ongoing support of your users with any issue related to Microsoft 365.

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